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“Whilst Paul’s workouts are challenging, he also makes them fun. If you want your excuses taken away, book him!  He not only helps you get in to great shape physically, he can also get you into shape mentally.”

Suzanne and Phil Jacobs

Personal Trainer / Personal Training

At Mindgift personal training in Warrington we know that what works for one person may not (and probably will not) work for another, so every part of our personal training service is just that: PERSONAL!

We develop a program that makes sense to you and your goals.   Whatever your expectations, level of fitness, preferences and aims, your programme will be specific to you and only you!

Why use a personal trainer? All too often we set fitness goals for ourselves and start off full-steam ahead, only to lose interest after a couple of weeks or months. The success of a good personal training programme is that it provides:

• Expertise – struggling to make sense of the overwhelming amount of fitness and nutrition information available can lead to frustration, mistakes and ultimately failure. We provide you with the safest, most effective and most accurate information in the industry. We know what WORKS!

• Accountability – we’re also experts at holding you accountable. It’s easy to skip the gym or a class if you don’t have an appointment.  However, knowing that someone, male and female, is there waiting for you and willing to push you to work as hard as you know you should is a very motivating prospect!

• Motivation – we make sure that you get the maximum benefit from your exercise in the minimum time.  We also look at the bigger picture of mind AND body to deliver a realistic, achievable programme that provides motivation in your life, not just inside the gym.

Our Aim

Our aim as a personal trainer is to deliver results that you can’t achieve on your own, and our clients often see results they hadn’t even dreamed of!  We strip away the excuses, overcome obstacles and provide ongoing guidance, motivation and emotional support to help you achieve optimum levels of physical AND mental health.

“I have loved my training with Paul! It’s not just about having to go now, it’s WANTING to go. I feel brilliant after my sessions and would recommend Paul to anyone who is thinking about taking up personal training!”
Em Guest
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