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Illness and Injury Recovery


Returning to exercise after critical illness or injury can be a daunting process.

At Mindgift, we offer tailor-made rehabilitation programmes which pay close attention to your individual requirements and fitness goals, and we work with you towards your recovery in the privacy of our own gym in Warrington. We will monitor and adjust your programme as you progress, ensuring that you are exercising at the safest and most efficient level for you.

Our training is suitable for all kinds of illness and injury recovery, incorporating many different techniques and focusing on fortifying core stability and building balance, flexibility and strength. Our aim is to help people to achieve a better quality of life through fitness, health and emotional well-being, and we will support you in each of these areas throughout your programme, focusing not just on exercise but promoting nutrition and a healthy mind too.

Steve’s story: Steve is 58 runs his own successful business and is married with 2 children. Steve waited for the shock, in fact he waited for a couple! He suffered two heart attacks and had two serious stomach surgeries (a lucky man to be here). He is also stuck with several hernias in his stomach. Steve came to me 14 weeks ago and decided it was time to change as he would still like to be around to play with his grandchildren, and see them grow up (a strong reason/goal). By making some tweaks to his diet and taking him through a simple exercise routine plus a couple of lifestyle changes, he has had a fantastic transformation so far, as you can see from his photos.

“With Paul’s help and instruction, my husband Steve is transforming and becoming the man I fell in love with years ago, all over again! The reduction in his weight and the dedication to succeed, is all down to Paul’s training. Thank you Paul and keep on doing whatever it is that makes the difference. ┬áIf you, or someone you know is struggling with weight loss and/or lack of fitness, Steve and I can highly recommend Paul. He is brilliant at what he does to get results. H Hughes

If you are recovering after an illness or injury and would like a tailor-made fitness programme that will achieve the results you desire, contact us.