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Mindgift Talks

Mindgift ‘Talks’ – Give your team the gift of inspiration!

What is it?

A fun, informative and thought-provoking speech designed, written and delivered to get your workforce engaged, motivated and inspired to make real positive changes.

It’s not just about delivering an entertaining, “feel good” speech at your event; our aim is to ignite the true potential within your employees, both at work and in life, enabling them to achieve sustained motivation and optimum performance.

Why do you need it?

Motivation is the energy that drives organizational performance. Research shows that boosting employee morale boosts company profits. Bringing in a first-rate motivational speaker can energize and galvanize your team which, in turn, can turn your business around.

A Mindgift Talk can lead your teams to:

  • Increased productivity & motivation
  • Improved concentration & focus
  • Greater levels of energy and engagement

How do we do it?

Offering a new approach and a new voice, we draw upon our unique back stories to inspire others.  As individuals who achieved a high level of professional success in our earlier careers, we experienced first-hand the toll this pressure can take, both mentally and physically.

Our Stories

Stress impacted on us in different ways: the pressures of Helen’s job as a consultant within the NHS led to her feeling constantly run down, plagued by viruses, colds, skin rashes, suffering with IBS and eventually deteriorating into a state of severe anxiety which manifested in debilitating panic attacks. Paul used food as a way of “coping” with the pressure of a demanding role within the retail sector. His lifestyle of stress, overeating and not exercising resulted in him being 3 stone overweight, completely out of shape and feeling pretty low about himself.

All these physical symptoms were our bodies’ way of telling us that we were not responding to pressure in a healthy way.

The Birth of our Health within Business Division

Encountering a lack of organizational support in terms of stress, anxiety and general poor health within the workplace, we found our own ways to heal ourselves and overcome the adversities we faced. Having learned the “hard way”, we developed our Health within Business division out of the tools and techniques we used to overcome our personal issues and achieve success. We believe that every organisation should invest in the wellbeing of each employee, and a Mindgift Talk is a great investment in your team!

A Double Gift

Working together as a married couple and professional team, we combine our unique strengths and experience with our tried and tested techniques to achieve maximum impact during our Mindgift talks.

We passionately believe that the mind can be used to positive effect in handling & overcoming physical and emotional health related conditions/symptoms. And our approach encompasses:

  • Physical Wellbeing– exercise/sleep/hydration/nutrition.
  • Emotional wellbeing– How to stay focused- forward thinking/living in the now.
  • Mental wellbeing– Understanding your mind and using its full potential.
  • Spiritual Wellbeing– Understanding your map of the world is different to others and how your values work for and against you.

Where do we do it?

We are available for any organisational events including annual conferences, sales conferences, Christmas parties, networking events.

     “the coaching has provided me with courage and confidence to handle difficult behaviours and to lead by      example…………….  In addition it also has had a positive impact on my work life balance at home and enabled me to handle home life as well as working life more positively.”    K Clark NHS Consultant

Are you ready to give your team the gift of inspiration?

To find out how our motivational talks can take YOUR people to another level and inspire them to take positive action, contact us