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Physical Wellbeing Reviews

Physical Wellbeing Reviews

Improving your physical wellbeing is our objective.  At our base in Warrington we develop individually tailored programmes which combine exercise, nutrition and NLP techniques. Read some of our reviews below.

I had always seen myself as a procrastinator, someone who had great aspirations but no drive to make it happen. Since my full day breakthrough session I have become much more motivated to achieve my goals, I’m taking massive action consistently and, unlike past attempts, I know the changes will last because I have already lost 2 stone and I have put an offer in of a house!” N Barlow

I found the classes to have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with great encouragement from Amy and Paul.  Time well spent, i’m feeling fantastic with real noticeable differences in my fitness and strength.

Thank you Amy and Paul GREAT JOB. D Bate

I have never felt better – Paul is amazing and has made exercising fun! J Meulenbergs

I have never been able to stick at a fitness class, I have always found them to be hard work with no gain. However, Mindgift has given me the motivation to succeed. With their well planned, challenging and achievable work-outs I am able to see the positive effects to my body, but also my mental attitude towards getting fit!! Amy and Paul are both encouraging, but also set realistic goals! The group sessions are for all shapes and sizes and varying fitness levels, so everyone can join in. I particularly like the fact that I feel like I am a part of a team, striving towards the same goal!! Thank you for all of your help so far xxx A Cleary

I really enjoyed my first session.and found Pauls knowledge to be really helpful.  Looking forward to going back with my sister and niece on Wednesday and getting fitter for the new year ahead. S Sassi

Paul has given me the motivation and determination I needed to achieve my personal goals. I am now seeing some good results.I enjoy my training sessions although tough at times I love the feeling of energy and positivity it give me afterwards.

With Paul’s help and instruction, my husband Steve is transforming and becoming the man I fell in love with years ago, all over again! The reduction in his weight and the dedication to succeed, is all down to Paul’s training.
Thank you Paul and keep on doing whatever it is that makes the difference.
If you, or someone you know is struggling with weightloss and/or lack of fitness, Steve and I can highly recommend Paul. He is brilliant at what he does to get results. 🙂 H Hughes

We help with your physical wellbeing

9 sessions In and feeling so Much healthier, fitter and less punishing to the scales;-) . Paul keeps the training interesting and helps me out with the nutritional side to. Brilliant pt would recommend highly to anyone.