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Emotional Wellbeing Reviews

▪ D Hayes : Simply needed a boost from the day to day pressures of life Sometimes we just need a boost- Improvement after 1 Hypno-meditation session “Things have been really good since the session, and I am applying everything that I gained insight on!! It has refreshed me to think outside of the box, and it is most helpful having the benefit of another person to do so! Highly recommended!”

▪ Rachel Wright feedback after MBS event (Copied from testimonial placed on Facebook) : Met Helen and Paul at the MBS event in Manchester. Such a friendly couple! They took a lot of time out of the weekend to talk to me, their workshop was excellent and they’ve put me on the NLP track. Unfortunately too far away to have some proper sessions with them, but I only need to FB message them and they get back to you with more advice and encouragement.

▪ J Crump (Copied from testimonial placed on Facebook) : Career crossroads Thankyou to helen at mindgift, you helped give me clarity and focus when I was at a crossroads career wise, our sessions helped me to evaluate what was really important and gave me the impetus to make some major changes, along side the PT sessions with Paul I feel healthier & more focused in all areas.thankyou both so much, would recommend your packages to everyone! X 

J Howes (Copied from testimonial placed on Facebook) : Improving self confidence Helen has been fantatstic at helping me challenge the way I think in such a way that I have the confidence to do things now not just think I might some day. Thank you!

▪ Amaia Marcos (Copied from testimonial placed on Facebook) : Was experiencing Was experiencing anxiety, depressive thoughts and worry about her health I can’t thank Helen enough for all her help, dedication and commitment to me. I was feeling lost in life, I was immersed in a dark hole in which I could only see negativity, illness, worry, anxiety…my beliefs and behaviours were based on my past and was defining my present life. Helen has helped me to identify the problems and has provided me with the tools I need to change my life into a one in which confidence, motivation, happiness, positivity and wellbeing reign. Helen has trained my mind to see the good in every situation, to look at life in a different way making positive changes and decisions. It is seriously impressive how my life has changed for the better in just 6 sessions working with Helen. She is brilliant, enthusiastic, positive, always so committed! My journey now makes sense, and between other things I have learnt with Helen that miracles start to happen when you give your energy to your dreams and not to your fears. For me now, every day is a fresh start, each day is a new beginning, every morning I wake up is the first day of my new life! I would recommend Helen to anyone. Trust me when I say “The best feeling in the world is finally knowing you took a step in the right direction. A step towards the future where everything that you never thought was possible, IS POSSIBLE”. Thanks so much again for everything Helen.

▪ Retired client Janet Brown – improving self confidence and self belief I recently fell on the mercy of Helen at Mindgift because her concise, no-nonsense approach was just what I needed to cut through the destructive, self- limiting beliefs that had become my way of life. When I was stumbling, in the dark, on a path going nowhere except into pain and uncertainty, what I needed was someone to shine a light. Helen did that. She provided the means for me to continue my journey with more confidence and positivity. Helen reminded me of the power of words and the destructive influence that an internal negative dialogue has on your thoughts and feelings. When you constantly tell yourself that you are unable to solve your problems, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I still have to work hard to sustain my renewed outlook but I now feel more able to challenge negativity and have experienced the benefits of doing so. As with anything in life, the more you do it, the better you become at it. So, my advice to anyone who is stumbling on their own dark path is to have a word with Helen. She may be just who you need.

▪ Kate: embarked on a career focused coaching programme to help ease her into a new senior medical role. At the end of 6 sessions, at her employees coaching review meeting she explained that the coaching has provided her with courage and confidence to handle difficult behaviours and to lead by example. She stated that it has built her resilience in dealing with the ‘mammoth’ task that she realises she has now taken on and which originally prior to the coaching she was struggling with. With regard to the expectations upon her in her new role the coaching has enabled her to perceive things in different ways and deal with difficult issues. In addition it also has had a positive impact on her work life balance at home and enabled her to handle home life as well as working life more positively. Consultant working in the NHS

▪ G B: Was experiencing OCD behaviours that were affecting her ability to function on a daily basis in work and at home, which had been getting out of control for over a year Thank you very much for all of your wonderful work and help in our sessions: “If you are considering making changes in your life and addressing problems and issues, then I would recommend you call Helen. Her approach is professional, supportive and you can see her passion for NLP – and it works!!! My sessions have been a revelation and, whilst there have been some tears along the way, I never felt unsupported or that I couldn’t make it through. I have just completed the evolving tranquility package and I’m moving forward and feeling so much better – more than I thought I would ever have been able to before beginning my sessions with Helen. For the first time in over a year I feel more like myself and a brighter version of myself and I’m looking forward for the first time in a long time – I just wish I had found Helen sooner!”. 2012 Further work with Gail and her progress….. Thank you Gail for being a fantastic client to work with: “Thanks to Helen and our work together my husband and I have now just completed building works and installed new windows to our house. This might not sound like much to other people, but before my work with Helen and before the use of her planning tool, I had been procrastinating and we hadn’t made any real progress since March last year! We started using her planning tool at the end of December, in two months we have had all of the works completed and are planning the next phase of works to allow us to put our house on the market and move. Thanks again Helen.” 2013

 ▪ Wendy Fenton: Was experiencing worries about her relationship and wanted to make sure she put things back on track before they got worse… ‘I came to Helen as my marriage was in a rut and I felt that it needed ‘fixing’, what actually needed fixing was me. Helen has helped me to assess all aspects of my life and given me the tools to be positive. My marriage is back on track and I know me and my family will have a happy future together. Things are really good and I am continuing to be positive. Helen has been an inspiration and I would recommend her to anyone even those who think they don’t have a problem!

▪ Helen W: Was being feeling intimidated at work, helpless and suffering with anxiety, to the point she felt the only option was to leave.. Comments from Hannah at her 6 week follow up call, following her 6 week programme (just 12 weeks in total) “I can’t recommend Helen highly enough for what she’s done for me, my life is totally transformed, I have finally stood up for myself, found myself a new job with a better salary and prospects and left with my head held high! I start my new job next week, I would seriously pay Helen double for how she’s helped me change my life” 2012
 ▪ Feedback from organiser and attendees : Following this 3 hour workshop with GP liaison workers who wanted assistance in improving relationships and communication with their partnership workers: “Thanks so much for today helen you were brilliant” “Thanks for your session today we’ve had very positive feedback” “That a was great thanks I really enjoyed it, it hit the nail on the head” “Just what we needed made us think out of the box”

▪ M Smalley: came to see me following a long history of post viral fatigue syndrome (or ME). She was suffering with extreme lack of energy and motivation and her life was pretty unhappy. Following our work together she has now reinvigorated her life and her energy levels. At our 6 week follow up call she shared with me that she is now following her dream of moving to Australia next month just 3 months after finishing her programme, something she couldn’t even have imagined for the 2 years previously: “Since our last session, things have really got on track for making my goals and aims come to fruition. After giving myself direction and motivation, from what I learnt in our sessions, I felt a lot more energized and positive. I made the decision that the next move would be to make arrangements to go to Australia, where I have friends living in Sydney. Over my Christmas holiday I enjoyed time with friends and family, and was very positive in my language, and felt confident about my new decisions. I’ve even been able to guide and give advice to my friends about making positive changes in their lives.” WOW what a transformation 2012
 ▪ Susan Smith: This client came to me as she has MS and felt her condition was getting out of control and she felt powerless to do anything…. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but the results have been amazing in just 5 weeks I found my sessions with Helen very uplifting and empowering. It gave me the confidence to look at life in a different way and make positive changes and decisions. It allowed me to make decisions without feeling guilty so the decisions I have made are the best for me and my health

▪ N Barlow: This client came to me because he felt he was continually procrastinating and unable to move forward with a number of issues such as: losing weight, leaving home and buying a house of his own and finding a new job…… ‘I had always seen myself as a procrastinator, someone who had great aspirations but no drive to make it happen. Since my full day breakthrough session I have become much more motivated to achieve my goals, I’m taking massive action consistently and unlike past attempts I know the changes will last because I have already lost 2 stone and I have put an offer in of a house!’ 2011

▪ Feedback following a recent workshop with a group of NHS managers… 1. The session was both informative and entertaining; pitched to keep attendees interested throughout; Helen was excellent at presenting and I feel it would be impossible to go away from the session not having learnt anything or without at least a few new lifelong useful tips for both work and personal situations. 2. Hi Helen, Thank you, so much for yesterdays session is was very interesting, all the group enjoyed it and the way you presented was exactly right (humorous, whilst getting the point across) – It was fantastic really enjoyed it and it really made me think! – Everything you said was true there were light bulbs going of in my head constantly

▪ Lauren C: This client came to me because she was experiencing panic attacks and continually suffering with IBS. She was having difficulty functioning normally and was considering dropping out of university… Without Helen I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have made it through my final year of university. After 2 years of forcing myself to go I was at breaking point. Since working with Helen I have changed from feeling out of control of my situation and not knowing in which direction I was going, to having aspirations, and plans and methods that will allow me to achieve them. Helen helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was and gave me techniques and tools that allowed me to motivate myself and overcome my problems. She has always been caring and understanding whilst always being very professional. I am now in charge of my own future and I am looking forward to the challenges I will face along the way to achieving my goals. I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her to everyone.

▪ JN: This client came to me because she was unable to travel away from home, or go out to places alone even when near home. One time flew to Spain for a one week holiday and had to get a flight home the next day… After 4 Weeks… Last night I walked across the city centre and met my friends from uni, something I would have seriously avoided before. I’ve come so far through working with you I can’t thank you enough After 5 Weeks… Hi Helen today I went shopping and I went into a coffee shop, sat there and ate a sandwich and had a hot chocolate all be myself, I’ve never done that before! After 8 Weeks… Hi Helen I just thought I’d let you know last night I got back from another great trip away with work, I went to London again and this time held an event that was great, so much so my manager is raving about it! I am doing amazingly thank you so much

▪ GS: This client name to me a time when life was in a turmoil and a move forward with regard to relationships was essential… 18 months of being stuck and too scared to take action, after 7 weeks and just 7 sessions: Today is day one of my new life done!!! No need for tissues! : ) Hail Helen the Amazing!!!!!!!! Today I was told “You should pay Helen double? I’m so impressed

▪ I Roberts: Was experiencing lack of motivation to get his business started and had found himself procrastinating for over 6 months… I had been trying to get my business off the ground for over a year and found myself continually putting tasks off and not making progress. Working with Helen enabled me to learn about myself and where I was putting up barriers. Only 2 weeks after a personal breakthrough session with Helen I had formalised my business plan, designed new business cards and my website and I know exactly the direction I need to be driving in and have since gained 3 paying contracts! It’s amazing that after a year of dragging my feet I have made more steps forward in 1 month that I had in the previous year. I had extremely high expectations of working with Helen as she came highly recommended and still she totally exceeded my expectations.